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Company Mission

We aim to discover, develop, innovate and successfully reach each and every Pakistani family with the best quality edible oil and Banaspati.
- With the innovative technology that we use, we aim to stay nature friendly and effective waste management is one of our main corporate social responsibility.
- To deliver the best value proposition as per global standards in each and every area for the total satisfaction of our customers, vendors & partners, investors & stakeholders
- Maintaining customer loyalty by ensuring customer satisfaction and adopting best organizational practices and commitment.
- Engage in continuous efforts to explore new horizons in edible oil industry


Shahtaj uses state of the art machinery for manufacturing, processing and refining its cooking oil & Banaspati.
We use the highest level of industrial refining technology to refine our oil leading to high quality, i.e., bland taste, clear color, and frying stability.
Our refined oil and Banaspati products are free from known contaminants extracted from the raw agricultural products and it also avoids the loss of nutritionally valuable carotenoids, hence retaining substantial proportions of tocols, and does not change the triacylglycerol compositions.
Temperature, time and pressure are carefully controlled by ultra-advanced monitoring tools. Oil products are properly stored, transported and packaged to maintain the highest quality.
We are well aware that the flavor and freshness of oil can diminish with time and the type of packaging influences the rate of corrosion.
Shahtaj cooking oil and ghee are packaged in lightweight high quality tinplate cans to maintain the freshness. In order to maximize shelf life, our ideal packaging material prevents light and air penetration and makes the oil storage suitable in room temperatures over long periods of time.
The mode of production is entirely automated and computerized using latest control systems and ‘Oil Centrifugal Clarifying and Separating Technology’ to ensure seamless production and consistent quality. The PLC (Programmable logic controller) controlled pressing and filtering technology and the continuous process technology have served as a major reason for delivering excellence to the customers.

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